Shanghai streets

Before the Fudan talk and meetings, Zhuoyi showed us some street life.

The hand of god!

Anyone for meditation?

Life is what happens behind you!

A four legged friend?

Yunqi! - What did you do?

24/05/2019 Mikko

On our way to Fudan

Yunqi, Keivan and Mikko stopped by in Huangshan for a mountain hike on our way to Fudan University, Shanghai.

Drying out armpits!

Hold your breath!

Don't fall!

On a treacherous mountain path, keep your eyes on the ball!

20/05/2019 Mikko

New x-ray tests in DESY

Before and after new x-ray experiments in DESY.

Invisible penny farthing!

Happy Hamburg

Where is my food?

There is my food!

We got the data!

08/04/2019 Mikko

Prof. Zheng and Prof. Song

Lovely dinner with the former lab members, Professor Zheng and Professor Song, in Heifei (15 March 2019).

17/03/2019 Mikko Juusola

Famous Keivan

Semi-Naked Keivan playing football in -10 dec C in BNU stalked by Wechat-Moments China paparazzi

08/12/2018 Mikko Juusola

Xmas Dinner 2018

Xmas dinner of Lin, Guo and Juusola labs 

05/12/2018 Mikko Juusola

ESRF November

Successful experiments :)

The x-ray flies work :)

06/11/2018 Mikko

Late October science

2-photon imaging training with Yunqi and Keivan

Air mask parade

30/10/2018 Mikko Juusola


Sunny October evening lab picture.

From right: David, Ben, Joni, Neveen, Mikko, Zhuoyi, Keivan & Jouni

09/10/2018 Mikko Juusola


Neveen, Ben, Joni and Mikko attended Neurofly 2018 in Krakow, Poland, in September.

Neveen's poster

Ben's poster

Joni's poster

11/09/2018 Mikko

Studying insect vision in DESY

Studying insect vision with Marina, Jesper and Fabio in DESY Hamburg (27-30 May 2018).

A group selfie after successful experiments


Narendra's farewell dinner

Narendra's farewell dinner in Ashoka Restaurant (19 April 2018)

20/04/2018 Mikko

Studying fly vision in ESRF Grenoble

2-6 April 2018, Joni, Neveen and Mikko were in ESRF Grenoble with Rajmund (Lund, Sweden), Marko (Oulu, Finland), Paulus (Oulu, Finland) and Gabor (Szeged, Hungary) for testing how photomechanical photoreceptor movements affect Drosophila visual information processing. ESRF made a little story about our research in their newsletter.



Placing a fly to face the x-ray beam

Neveen preparing a fly

Ordered to pose

ESRF ring

09/04/2018 Mikko

A new BNU postgraduate student

Yunqi Ma (from Harbin Insitute of Technology, HIT) has accepted a postgraduate position in our BNU laboratory. Welcome to the team :)

27/07/2017 Mikko

New students to start 2017

Joni Kemppainen and Ben Scales will start their Ph.D. studies on honeybee vision and behaviour projects this October. Welcome to the team :)

29/05/2017 Mikko


A new 4-year BBSRC White Rose Ph.D. studentship available in our laboratory to study honeybee vision in bespoke virtual reality systems, starting in 2017.

Please contact Mikko for more details:

13/10/2016 Mikko

Brains on Board

A new EPSRC 5-year program grant: "Brains on Board" will be activated on Jan 2017.

This grant involves five subprojects, each run by its own PI, with James Marshall (Computer Science, Sheffield) being the overall PI of the whole endeavour (his subproject is to build flying robots). 

Mikko's subproject is to study the honeybee vision using bespoke VR-systems and electrophysiology. 

The other co-PIs running their specific subprojects are: Thomas Nowotny (Sussex), Andy Philippides (Sussex) and Lars Chittka (Queen Mary).

Honeybee VR system1

12/10/2016 Mikko

Phototransduction 2016

Many thanks for Zhuoyi, Diana and Florence for organising the Phototransduction 2016 meeting in Sheffield. It was all great fun - great weather, great food and wine, and of course great speakers presenting their exciting science.

Firth Court group photo

King delivers the key note

Lab tour

06/09/2016 Mikko

Matti Weckstrom passed away

Our very good friend, Mikko's and Jouni's former Ph.D. supervisor and collaborator Prof. Matti Weckström (University of Oulu, Finland) died suddenly and unexpectedly of acute illness on 24 October 2015. He was only 56. Matti will be dearly missed. The picture below is from our lab pub outing after Sid's viva voce (Matti was his external examiner) in Sheffield this July. 

Last meal together with Matti on 28 July 2015

Matti Weckström, photo by Kentaro Arikawa

29/10/2015 Mikko Juusola

Sid Dongre passes his viva

Sid Dongre just passed his viva - many congrats to Dr. Sid! :) 

28/07/2015 Mikko Juusola

New Research Associates

Warm welcome to our new Research Associates, Drs. Zhuoyi Song and Narendra Solanki, who will start working with us this summer 

Testing optomotor responses in red light

Clarity Drosophila head

13/05/2015 Mikko Juusola

Old Images from lab outings

Here are some shots from the superconducting magic circles that make you fly

Uwe levitates in the Peak District

Flying Xiaofeng

Smokers rise up in the air

A leprechaun about to hover

07/07/2015 Mikko Juusola